Spanish Fever

29 Jan 2015

Hola ladies! Do we have so treat for you today! Kicking off the new year with an awesome inspiration shoot with colour bursts and channeling Frida Kahlo's impeccable artistic style. A Spanish fever for all your summer day weddings.

Don't forget to head over to White Magazine for all the photos and story behind the inspiration too!

Here's a shoutout to the amazing team making this come alive:

Styling & Props
Photography Lil Elements
Model Asleen Mauthoor
Gown Cathleen Jia
Accessories Olivia Marcheline
Sweets Sweet Bakes
Hair Lalaine Zervos
Make-up Babydolls Makeup Artistry
Flowers Lulu Bird


19 Jan 2015

Happy New Year everyone! Eliska here! Let's start the year with a bang shall we?

I've always loved looking back just when it hits 12midnight. A little flash back won't hurt to juggle the memories and remember how crazy it has been through the late nights and order rush and manic schedules.

Being part of printed magazines like Modern Wedding and Frankie are definitely one of the best things that happened to Ruffles & Bells. And of course, actually getting to have a studio is no-doubt the tip of the icing! Dreams can definitely become reality! You just have to work on it!

So after giving much thought and reflection (as you might say) this year Ruffles & Bells is all about reinventing and improving at the same time. It's all about providing a better experience for our couples whilst taking them in a journey of creating their big day. It's not only the big day that's important but remembering every step that made it so wonderful. Planning is such an essential part to all events so we want to make this special too! Ok, this is already getting me excited!

But before we get on back to all the hardwork and sharing more weddings, inspirations and events we've been secretly working on the past few months , we want to first share with you our mantra for the year.

It's simple but definitely powerful and essential. Let's just say when the clock strike 12, *ohhh-mmmm* ;)

Thankful To Be

2 Dec 2014

I have nothing else to say but Thank You! It's my favourite time of the year and definitely the season when I feel very blessed and thankful about everything that has been happened for the year so far. It's a busy busy year but nevertheless very happy busy. With Ruffles & Bells and the cafe keeping my hubby and I fully occupied, its a year that I have truly grown to know myself and who I want to be. 

It's that one thing that I've learned being in the industry and growing the business - it's to never forget to be thankful. No matter it's the dead days or the happy days, you have to stop for a second, step back, breathe deeply and look at how far you've gone. Remember the people you've met on the way  and remember to give back. Realise that at the end of each day, your heart is overflowing with so much that you just have to share it to the world.  

Having a business is a great way to know yourself better. You'll experience the mood swings and test your strengths and feel the hate and the love that makes this world as amazing as it is. It is just a freakin' amazing door after door of discovery! Whatever you do, no matter how cliche this is, love it! Fall in love with again and again just like a real love relationship. 

So again, this birthday I made sure to shout it to the heavens and whisper a thankful prayer to Him for testing my faith, my husband for being my strength, my family for being my support and critic, my friends for being my inspiration. Thank you to those who have pushed me to the limit, made me scared to say yes, made me make bigger dreams (without knowing it), shown me a bigger world and granted me with a gift that no money can buy. A big hug and kisses to all of you!

Thank you for making this such an awesome year everyone! 

We are Radically Excited!

27 Nov 2014

It's amazing how something that started small can turn into a worldwide movement! And that's how this SOLD OUT event we're part of started off: from Gala Darling's bedroom! Can you believe that?

After working for the Blogcademy girls in their London event, we are thrilled to be working with The Event Head again for Gala's Radical Self Love soiree here in Melbourne!

Totally jumping with excitement with all the pop of color we're planning for this!

Spring has sprung

23 Oct 2014

And so has our new logo! It's finally spring (a hot one definitely!) but we still love the new breeze and warm sun calling us out to get to the beach. Sooo it is the perfect timing for us to team up with our fave Ruwi from Type Styled to come up with a new look for Ruffles & Bells.

Still keeping that soft and pretty look that we're known for, Ruwi was so amazing to capture our essence in our new modern a mood board to match!

I'd love to know what you guys think! I hope you like it as much as we do! ;)

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