Freida Need Original Bride Box

Freida Need Original Bride Box


Wedding Emergency Kit

  • Curated Essentials, Thoughtfully Organised, Good-looking Gift

  • For Bride

  • 40 Items

[ Need ] ORIGINAL BRIDE BOX is a refreshing alternative to the traditional Wedding Emergency Kit.

Even with the best plans in place, small emergency moments are bound to happen on your wedding day: blisters from new heels, a makeup stain on your dress or a sneaky headache. [ Need ] ORIGINAL BRIDE BOX is a curated box of 40 everyday items for the 'just in case' moments on your wedding day.

A perfect gift for the non-traditional wedding, an obsessively organised bride, a destination wedding and/or for the folks that just want their nuptials to be a party.

We have aligned with a few local brands for a splash of luxury to this practical gift: Happy Skincare - Warm Fuzzies Moisturiser, Zen Botanics - Lip Therapy, Wotnot - FaceWipes, EcoStraw - Biodegradable Paper Straws, Tom Organics - Panty Liner & Tampons, The Environmental Toothbrush.

Boxed in Melbourne by organised people for you. Put your feet up.

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What's inside? 

The (good-looking) box contains 40 items:

  • adhesive bandages

  • bobby pins

  • clippers

  • comb

  • cotton buds

  • cotton pads

  • dental floss

  • deodorant towelette

  • double sided tape

  • earring backs

  • emery board

  • fishing line

  • hair bands

  • hairspray

  • lint remover

  • makeup blotting tissues

  • mints

  • mirror

  • nail polish

  • nail polish remover

  • needle & thread

  • pain reliever

  • panty liner

  • pen & paper

  • perfume atomiser

  • push pins

  • organic lip balm

  • organic moisturiser

  • rubber bands

  • safety pins

  • scissors

  • shaver

  • stain wipes

  • straws

  • tampons

  • tissues

  • toothbrush

  • toothpaste

  • tweezer

  • wet wipes