Being event planners we have checklists after checklists and timelines after timelines, these lists are constantly updated and revised until the day of the event! A never-ending process that we strive to perfect, as the wedding planning process can be extremely overwhelming!!

It was clear to us at Ruffles and Bells HQ, that finding a planner that we could reccomend to our couples that can uncomplicate things was a must, and voila we found Bride Business by our talented friends Ivory Tribe.

Bride Business is a sleek, a little bit cheeky, the ultimate bride go to for some support throughout wedding planning. From the post engagement high to on the day survival tips, Bride Business is definitely a life saver! It has;

  • Planning suggestions and themed sections.

  • Hints and tips for the modern bride while mixed in with some serious sass.

  • Budget Business

  • Guest Goals

  • Tribe Tracker

  • His ‘n’ hers

  • Wedding Soundtrack

Ultimately, Bride Business is the perfect planning companion, 132 pages of goodness, it slips right into. handbags, is sleek and sexy and will help a bride to all her important appointments!

You can buy a copy of Bride Business on the Shop page on our website!