How to choose your wedding colour palette | Tips and Advice

We all know that when organising a wedding you can get lost in a sea of Pinterest pins and boards, paint swatches and magazines. Setting a a colour palette for your wedding can se the tone and mood of there entire event right from the stationary. It’s one of the first decisions to make as it can dictate what the rest of your wedding elements such as decor, florals and linens will all fall into place. We have put together our tips for choosing your colour palette.


One of the most important factors, we suggest that as a couple to think up what your wedding will look like, what colours do you see, what music is playing, what is the weather like, what time of day is it. By describing what you envision the wedding day to be like it can help bring some colour ideas to mind.

Find Inspiration Around You

You are probably deep in a million pins and boards on Pinterest, and a a few colour ideas but if you’re unsure we suggest looking for inspiration in less obvious places. Think about what colours you wear most, the colours and hues from your favourite holiday destinations, pick up some non wedding magazines such as architecture, fashion or health to find colour and hue inspirations.

Get Creative

If you’re set on incorporating colours such as millennial pink in your wedding but don’t want it to be a Barbie pink party, you can use pink by adding subtly in a neutral colour palette by using it in neons or florals. Or you could go wild and base your scheme by using hot pink and choosing colours that balance out the pink such as different tones of pink, purples and blacks.

Colour Palettes can be broad

Remember your colour palette doesn’t have to be limited, instead of a “mustard, deep green, dusty pink” palette you could go with ‘70’s - Autumnal Hues’. By choosing a broader palette it allows you give vendors some room to play with a more fun palette to coordinate their part to create your wedding day.

We believe that the more you show the details of yourselves as a couple, the more you will include and create special moments for your guests.

We hope that we have given you some tips on how to choose your colour palette!


Ruffles and Bells Team.