How to gracefully deal with wet weather conditions | Tips and Advice

It’s officially winter here in Melbourne and we all know how temperamental the weather is here in Melbourne. Whether a light drizzle or a full blown downpour, rain is not a reason to give up on your wedding day, none of us want to wake up and be told that it’s going to be storming weather but sadly it’s out of our hands!

But we can prepare for a rainy wedding day in advance which will save the panic on the day!

We suggest that any couple having an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception to seriously consider a wet weather back up plan with their venues! You could have an indoor room, covered areas, last minute tents, these options will all help you out if the weather impulsively starts raining or storming and you won’t have reason to panic as your team of vendors and venue know that there is a back up plan to fall on.

We have put together a list of our top tips for a wet weather plan and if you do get bride brain and forget to make a wet weather plan a few tips to pull it off!

Jasmine + Adam - Ritual Union Weddings

Jasmine + Adam - Ritual Union Weddings

Talk to your stylist or venue.

Our number one tip is to talk to your stylist - if you have hired one, or the venue manger! Most venues are prepared for this and will have several locations for you to choose from where you can relocate to. If you were planning an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception, they could transform the same space for both.

  1. Rent a tent - if you can afford and if your venue will allow it, you can rent a tent last minute and hold your outdoor ceremony where you originally planned!

  2. Keep your guests in the loop so they no to dress accordingly and are prepared.

  3. Give out umbrellas - Clear ones look quite beautiful in photos.

Embrace it.

If you don’t have any time or the budget to allow for options, get ready to welcome the weather, some people believe that rain on a wedding day is good luck! The weather can create a magical backdrop for your wedding photos!

Below are some of the thoughtful things you can purchase to help a wet weather situation!

  1. If the rain brings wing and chilly conditions, arrange for heat lamps (if possible).

  2. Offer blankets for your guests to keep warm under.

  3. Provide clear umbrellas for your guests and your bridal party!

  4. Have a comfort station set up - Think hot coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cider or mulled wine and some warm food!

Don’t panic everything will be fine and your team of vendors will be there to help you and will make your day as perfect as it is meant to be!

Don’t let the weather dampen your spirits! No matter what happens, don’t forget that rain can make your wedding day magical and even prettier!


Ruffles and Bells Team.