Destination Wedding | Inspiration

The last two weeks have been unforgettable for the Ruffles and Bells team, to say the least. 

Our team have travelled all the way to Iceland for our very first destination wedding, it was such a magical experience for our founder Eliska to experience. A insanely creative team were a part of an incredibly beautiful wedding and we cannot wait to show you more from our Iceland adventure.

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular within in our industry so we have compiled a list of blogs, photographers, wedding planners and accounts for you to get some inspiration from!


These photographers are all incredibly talented and are known for being destination wedding photographers.

Joey Willis

She Takes Pictures He Takes Films

Katie Harmsworth


These blogs are all an incredible source of information for a destination weddings, they have multiple pages of weddings and photographer you can draw inspiration from!

Junebug Weddings

Style Me Pretty

The Lane

Wedding Planners

We suggest that you contact an Australian based planner or your photographer of choice if they are a known destination wedding photographer they may know a planner that is based in your destination of choice! Of course your other option is to research your destination and find a planner based in that city.

Instagram Accounts

These accounts are the ones that we think you should follow for some incredible daily inspiration!

The Lane

Hooray Mag

Elisabetta Lilly Red

Lost In Love Photography

We hope that helps you out if you are humming and ahhing over the idea of a destination wedding, we can’t wait to share with you our very first Ruffles and Bells destination wedding with you very soon!


Ruffles and Bells Team.