Autumnal Hues | A Ruffles and Bells Moodboard

A mood of warm hues, 70’s vibe, layered tones and textures, from architectural design and details.


Dreamy, fun, vibrant, tonal, textural.

Colour Palette.

Earth tones, deep greens, vibrant oranges and pinks, and a touch of indigo blues.


The Autumnal hues is a look that’s easy and vibrant - flowing fabrics in textural details such as velvet, linen and silk. Tableware in bold colours, gold accents, 70’s style cutlery, coloured plates and vibrant napkins. Hire pieces to accent the choices such as chairs in several textures.


A venue that would hold a fun soiree surrounded by plants in a venue such as Glasshaus, Half Acre or Panama Dining Room, these venues have the basic style and decors that would accentuate the styling of the autumnal hues.