Thursdays are for getting excited about the weekend and planning some DIY to-dos. We have previously hosted a beauty and skin workshop The Beauty Edit, KV from KV Makeup Artistry wrote   her first ever handbook for all our guests and it was definitely a treat. It's all the goodies you want to ask a makeup artist that you're probably too shy to ask plus some more.

So we asked KV for a few of her favourite DIY recipes just in time for your weekend.


Here are some of my favourite DIY Beauty recipes you can try at home...

• 125ml mineral water
• 1 tsp witch hazel (optional)
• 5 drops of lavender essential oil
• 1 empty spray bottle
1. Pour it all into the bottle and shake

2. Spray directly after cleansing and before moisturising or whenever your skin feels oily or needs a pick me up. 

It will keep well in the refrigerator for up to 6 months

Lavender is great for its anti-inflammatory properties and calming for all skin types.
Witch hazel is generally used to help treat blemishes however, if your skin is not
blemish prone, it can be drying which is why it’s an optional ingredient in the mist.

• 1 tsp raw coconut oil
1. Gently massage your face with oil
2. Wait 20 seconds then remove with a warm, wet cloth
Coconut oil is one of the few ingredients that can be used for a variety of reasons.
One of the main properties is that it’s anti-bacterial and can be used as a topical
treatment for acne, dryness and breakouts.


Ruffles and Bells Team.